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Why is coal still a top necessity today

The future of coal in Australia is getting called into question. Mining companies such as Kestrel Coal are facing difficulties for producing non-renewable energy. A recent coal project, for example, got blocked with “climate change” as the cited reason.

Coal mining also evokes images of danger. Most people only hear about coal in the news when miners get trapped in a collapsed mines. That or when pollution is being discussed.

But there is so much more to coal than most people know. Despite being characterized as a “villain”, mining companies such as Kestrel do far more good than harm. They’re not as evil or callous as activists might lead you to think.

Alternatives still can’t replace coal

Renewable energy is all the rage. Alternative energy sources keep getting proposed to the government. The main goal is to produce a lesser carbon footprint, something that Kestrel Coal is actually mindful of.

The problem is that those alternatives aren’t ready to replace coal yet. Said renewable sources are either too unstable, too expensive or far less sustainable than what we have right now.

The most understandable reason is cost. Coal is still the least expensive energy source we have at the moment. Solar energy requires far too expensive materials. Wind requires too much space and parts to harness.

Stability is another concern. Coal is still far more reliable than even other traditional energy sources. It has no embargoes, unlike oil. Mining companies like Kestrel keep it far more plentiful than natural gas. And it’s far safer than nuclear power.

“Clean coal” also exists. Kestrel Coal and other like-minded mining outfits have invested in reducing emissions. There are processes now that capture carbon for later disposal. This reduces the harmful effects of burning coal.

“Clean Coal” or Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is still imperfect as it only addresses carbon. “Clean” emissions still contain other contaminants, such as mercury and nitrogen oxide. The technology is in the early days though and is still being improved.

Not just for energy

Sublimate coal into gas and you get synthetic fuels. Also called syngas, these gases offer a wide variety of applications. Most common would be as bio fuel, being an alternative to fossil fuels.

Quite easy to forget is the fact that coal isn’t exclusively for energy. Uses for it range from construction to filtration systems and other applications in between.

Adding iron to coal results to steel, another raw material that is essential to almost all industries. No product in the modern world exists without going through machinery made of steel.

Carbon fiber is another application of coal that becoming even more essential as time goes on. Because of its properties, it is being used as an alternative to heavier metals.

Coal is here to stay. Even if not as fuel, coal has far more applications than oil. Kestrel coal will continue on into the future and provide miners with a livelihood. Kestrel will supply energy and raw materials we needed.

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